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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Working with Powdered Chalk - Part One

 Hello!  Jennifer here!  I've had a couple of email questions regarding several different topics and one of them was Powdered Chalk.  It was an online friend of mine that asked who is a follower of my Craft Blog - Blissful Place.  I recently started up with a new Design Team.  The company names and websites are...

Here is my very first project for the team!

 After looking at my blog post from the other day a friend of mine wanted me to elaborate on Powdered Chalk as a whole.  Well, it's a VERY versatile product so I cannot explain it in one post.  I figured it would be easier to show you what I did in this first project and list more as I proceed with the team!  I used the powdered chalk on the strips of paper above and to the right of the SAIL AWAY WITH ME Embellishment.  I did direct to paper with a brush and/or Q-Tip.  As you can see I used TWO different powdered chalks in this project but there are TONS to choose from...

Here are a few more colors and what the powdered chalks look like in their case.  I really LOVE this product!  Again, they are VERY versatile and I have many projects on deck to show you.  I will be cross promoting any techniques that I have learned and attempted here and on my main crafting blog.

Take a look at the two sites above!  PLUS you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING for the rest of THIS MONTH!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love this! Chalk-Ah-Lot has the best team of girls too. Each and everyone of them!